12 Bolt Hummer Wheel Parts

We have the parts to help you refurbish your existing 12 Bolt Hummer Bead Lock Wheels for your vehicle or if you simply want to have spares.  From O-rings to valve stems we have what you need to keep your Hummer double bead lock wheels in tip top shape for the trail.

12 Bolt Wheel - Refurbish Kit
SKU: SKU17646
12 Bolt Wheel - Refurbish Kit. Looking to update your 12 bolt wheels? This is everything you need to rebuild your tired 12 bolt wheels.

Market price: $44.50 , 33% save
H1 Take-Off Flange Nuts
SKU: SKU175232

MIL Spec replacment Flange nut Grade G for H1 Military Wheels fits both 8 and 12 bolt wheels. These are used! Sold Each

Market price: $6.00 , 92% save
Inner Bead Reinforcement Ring
SKU: SKU17657
Inner Bead Reinforcement Ring

Market price: $40.00 , 25% save
12 Bolt H1 Hummer Wheel Replacement O Ring
SKU: SKU175211

MIL spec replacement Buna O-rings. These will fit 12 bolt Hummer H1 Military Wheels.

Sold Each

Market price: $24.95 , 54% save
12 Bolt H1 Take Out Wheel Half-Studs-used
SKU: SKU175221

Take out wheel half studs for H1 Military Wheels fits 12 bolt wheels. These are used.
Sold Each

12 Bolt Valve Core
SKU: SKU17625
Replacement 12 bolt metal valve core. Comes with replacement nylock nut, stock valve stem, and new o-ring.

Market price: $58.00 , 14% save
12 Bolt Valve Stem Replacement O Ring
SKU: SKU17570
Replacement O-Rings that seal the factory valve stems on 12 bolt wheel shells

H1 12 Bolt Hummer 45 Degree Valve Stem Adapters
SKU: SKU17525

45 Degree Valve Stem Adapters for 12 bolt valve stems to point your valve core towards your hubs to run with rock rings.

Sold Each

H1 12 Bolt Hummer Replacement Metal Valve Core
SKU: SKU17526

H1 12 Bolt Hummer Replacement Metal Valve Core

Sold Each

H1 Hummer 12 Bolt Bead Lock Shell Only
SKU: SKU17529
The shell is the back half to a 12 bolt wheel which holds the 12 studs and is the part of the wheel that the new centers get welded into.

Hummer 12 Bolt Bead Lock Wheel Dish Only
SKU: SKU17528
The "Dish" is the wheel mounting surface of a 12 bolt wheel. When you unbolt the 12 bolts and remove the nuts you can then remove the "Dish" of the wheel. The Picture is of a 12 bolt wheel with the nuts taken off and the "Dish" still located on the shell.