8 Bolt Hummer Wheel Parts

We have the parts to help you refurbish your existing 8 Bolt Hummer Bead Lock Wheels for your vehicle or if you simply want to have spares.  From O-rings to valve stems we have what you need to keep your Hummer double bead lock wheels in tip top shape.

8 Bolt Wheel - Refurbish Kits
SKU: SKU17645
Looking to update your 8 bolt hummer wheels? These kits are specifically made for you!

Market price: $29.50 , 12% save
H1 8 Bolt Hummer Rings Only
SKU: SKU17530
This is the ring that holds the tire on the wheel shell for 8 bolt hummer double bead lock wheels.

H1 Hummer 8 Bolt Bead Lock Shell Only
SKU: SKU175291
The shell is the back half to a 8 bolt wheel which holds the 8 studs and is the part of the wheel that the new centers get welded into.

H1 Take Off Flange Nuts
SKU: SKU17523

MIL Spec replacment Flange nut Grade G for H1 Military Wheels fits both 8 and 12 bolt wheels. These are used! Sold Each

Market price: $6.00 , 92% save
Replacement Rubber Valve Stem for 8 Bolt Hummer Wheels
SKU: SKU17524

Replacement Rubber Valve Stem for 8 Bolt Hummer Wheels

Sold Each

8 Bolt H1 Hummer Wheel Replacement O Ring
SKU: SKU17521

MIL spec replacment Buna O-rings. These will fit 8 bolt Hummer H1 Military Wheels.

Sold individually

Market price: $24.95 , 62% save
Used 8 Bolt Take Out Wheel Half-Studs
SKU: SKU17522

Take out wheel half studs for H1 Military Wheels fits 8 bolt wheels.
Sold Each

Market price: $18.00 , 47% save