8 Bolt Installation

8 Bolt Installation

First set the pvc on top of the tire and mark the tire a little bit wider than the pvc

Then lube the tire with something like vaseline type stuff or lucas oil suppliment.

Place the tire on top of the pvc insert making a T.

Step on the inside of the tire on the bottom bead and jump up and down a couple times to push the insert through the tire center.

Once completed it will look like this.

Grab the pvc and pull it down and you might have to lift up on the top bead a little and it will drop right into place.

Take the bottom part of the wheel, lube the O ring and install it on the rim. 

Once this is done put the tire and insert on the wheel. The pvc will be a tight fit on the wheel, it helps to jump up and down on the bead of the tire, A 5 gallon bucket helps with this.

Install the outer ring.

In a criss cross pattern tighten the nuts down firmly.

Once completed fill the tire with air and install on the rig. 

Go wheeling!