Hummer Wheel Run Flats

Run Flats are just what the name implies.  They enable the tire to still roll while flat.  In the military this device keeps the Hummer operable if the tires are shot out or become deflated.  This device also serves to pinch the inside of the tires beads against the lips of the two piece rims.  They come in magnesium, rubber and now you have the option of a PVC spacer to allow you to air your tires down. 

Custom Width PVC Insert
PVC inserts go inside your tire and allow you to air down and run low air pressure with the Hummer Double Bead Lock Wheel. With the PVC insert installed (inside the tire) both inside and outside beads are pinched between the insert and the wheel making them double bead locks. In stock form H1 Wheels had what are called run flats. Run flats went inside the tires and served 2 purposes. They made the wheel a double bead lock while at the same time allowed the humvee to take a bullet at war and have the tire maintain it’s original height so the soldier could drive out of combat. This is great while at war but not when you want to air down to wheel. The runflats will tear up the inside of your tires over time. There are a lot of people that cut the stock run flats down (cut the profile off of them). This is where the PVC inserts comes into play. It makes the wheel a double bead lock without the profile of a stock run flat. PVCs are custom cut to length but work with many different tires. Larger tires may require a custom width to work properly since the bead thickness on the tires is greater. If you plan to run 40s and larger please contact us to get your PVCs trimmed down.

Please include your desired tire in the customer notes section and we will make your inserts to fit. We produce these in house so turn around time is minimal.

Cut Down Hummer Wheel Rubber Run Flat Insert
Cut Down Rubber run flats are a 2 pc. insert. Once we trim the run flat section off of them they no longer work as a run flat but will retain the bead so you can air down. They were designed to go inside of the tires so should they Humvee take a bullet at war they could drive out of combat. They are VERY dense rubber. The profile is already cut down so you will be able to air down the Hummer double bead lock wheel without damaging your tire. As with all run flats they go inside the tire and make the wheel a double bead lock when installed. These are the widest insert available and may need to be trimmed for width depending on what tire you plan to run. Sold Each.